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The teenage years can be some of the most challenging, confusing, and critical years of a young persons life. The goal of youth ministry at GBC is to assist parents in producing mature, godly teens with a passion for God and a burden for the lost. We want to do all we can to best prepare students for a life of service and a relationship with God beyond high school.


At GBC our Youth Ministry is:

I. Word Centered

A youth ministry that is truly Word-centered does not simply include Bible teaching at various points; it is dominated and led by God’s Word at every point. A Word-centered youth ministry seeks to send out students who believe, read, study, and love God’s Word.


II. Evangelistic

At the heart of our philosophy of youth ministry is a passion for the lost. Whether evangelizing the teens who come to the church youth program, or a targeted outreach effort, there must be an intentional, fervent desire to take the life changing message to the lost.


III. Equipping

We believe it is the responsibility of the church to help parents instill a godly world-view in students so that by the time they graduate from high school their convictions have been established in the Word and they are ready to stand up to the culture of relativism.


IV. Church Focused

We believe youth should be involved and encouraged to participate in the various aspects of corporate worship, missions, service, tithing, and leadership. Youth must be led to see how essential they are in now in the immediate sense of the life of the church, and as future leaders by becoming active participants in the total church program.


V. Relational

Todays teenagers are desperate for an authentic role model.We believe that through building relationships with young people we can offer very positive, effective, and powerful ministry.


VI. Worshipful

Youth must be led to understand that authentic biblical worship is all about God, not self. It must always center around His perfection, and His desire for praise and adoration.


VII. Prayerful

We believe in making prayer a priority that supersedes everything else we do. The time to learn the healthy habit of prayer is now!


VIII. Just Plain Fun   - We take having fun to a whole new level.





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