Letter To Parents

On Wednesday nights Sparks and T&T clubbers will check-in from 6:15 – 6:30. We ask that each clubber bring $1.00 dues every week to help with the cost of awards.  We offer the ability to prepay your dues for the year if you don’t want the hassle of finding a dollar every week.  The cost to prepay will be $25.00 and can be paid any time before the Thanksgiving break.  Each week clubbers need to: wear their uniform, bring their handbook, their Bible, and dues.  Clubbers earn points for themselves and their teams for bringing all four of them so please help and encourage them in this area.


The program begins at 6:30 in the sanctuary with a flag ceremony, announcements, and songs.  After this the Sparks and T&T will split up for three main parts of the evening which are Game Time, Handbook Time, and Large Group Time.


Game Time is exciting! We encourage children to play fair and cheer for their team. Please have children wear proper shoes for games: close-toed, non-slip, non-marking shoes for running.


Handbook Time is when clubbers pass sections in their books. Leaders listen to verses and help children understand and apply them. Clubbers should pass at least one section each week. We strongly encourage parents to spend time with your child during the week getting them prepared to pass their section(s).  We have limited time to work with each child helping and teaching them the content in each section.  Experience tells us that with five to ten minutes, each day, most children will be able to learn a section a week, and that they will retain their verses.  Our goal is to have each child finish one book in one club year.  To achieve this they must average more than two sections per night.  We have a club-wide policy that clubbers need to say at least one section every two weeks to participate in games.  If a clubber does not keep up with memory work we will spend game time working with them on their sections.  Our purpose is to keep clubbers focused on the reason they come to AWANA – to learn God’s Word.  Your supervision, assistance and involvement in the memorization process will encourage them and greatly increase their chance for success.


Large Group Time is where we have a Bible devotional sharing God’s Word through stories, skits, and activities.  During this time we dig into God’s Word so we can understand what the Bible is telling us and how we can apply it to our lives.

New Clubbers will receive an entrance booklet with things to learn and sections to pass. Upon completion of this booklet, they are eligible to purchase a uniform and handbook. The first copy of any handbooks will be available at a reduced rate of $5.00 each. Replacement handbooks will be the standard price of $9.00. Sparks uniforms will cost $11.00, Truth & Training shirts for 3-4th grade are $14.00, and shirts for 5-6th grade will be $15.00. We have shirts that clubbers can try on so they get the correct size. These uniforms are very nice and the awards that the clubbers earn will go on them.



We will do nothing that could bring dishonor to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are to do nothing that would hurt any person, anything, or ourselves. The five-count and three-count are used in each club to maintain order. Children are expected to behave according to club standards.


Five-count: Leaders count to “five” throughout the night to quiet the clubbers down when we need their attention. By the end of the count, everyone should be quiet and still.


Three-count: Used for disciplining an individual clubber who continues to misbehave after the initial correction by a leader. It follows the “three-strikes-and you’re-out” philosophy.


One-count:  Theleader takes the clubber to the Director.


Two-count: The Director takes the clubber to the Commander.

Three-count: The Commander contacts the parents to take the clubber home early and meets with parents for discussion and resolution.


We want all clubbers to come to AWANA and have a good time, but not at the expense of other clubbers. Clubbers who have received a three-count will not be allowed to return to club unless they are willing to change their behavior.


We appreciate all you do to prepare your child for AWANA each week. We are excited about working with them each Wednesday evening.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact the church at 341-4445 or email awana@gbcplover.org. We are glad to help in any way we can and are grateful for the privilege of working with your child this year.


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